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        LEAD FOOD CHEMICAL CORPORATION LIMITED (hereafter called LFC) is a manufacturer and exporter of PHOSPHATE SALTS including:

①Sodium phosphates: STPP-Pentasodium TripolyPhosphate, TSPP-Tetrasodium PyroPhosphate, SAPP-Sodium Acid PyroPhosphate,  SHMP-

Sodium HexametraPhosphate, MSP-Monosodium Phosphate DSP-Disodium Phosphate, TSP-Trisodium Phosphate; ②Potassium phosphates: MKP-

Monopotassium Phosphate, DKP-Dipotassium Phosphate,  TKP-Tripotassium Phosphate,  TKPP-Tetrapotassium Phosphate, KTPP-Pentapotassium

TripolyPhosphate; Calcium phosphates: MCP-Monocalcium Phosphate, DCP -Dicalcium Phosphate, TCP-Tricalcium Phosphate,MDCP-MonoDica


lcium Phosphate; ④Ammonium phosphates: MAP-Monoammonium Phosphate, DAP-Diammonium Phosphate; ⑤ Phosphoric acid Phosphoric


acid 85% and Phosphoric acid 75% etc. With our years endeavors,  we  developed Cappuccino  foaming creamers. LFC owns two manufacturing sites


for phosphates and one foaming creamer factory, one logistics company, which provides full range of service with excellent quality and high efficiency for


our clients all over the world.

       Established in 2003, LFC is always pursuing the spirit of “Product Innovation” and “Business Expansion” as our two wings to fly. On the road we

have grown in the past years, the value of “Integrity for Business, Quality for Base, Customer-Oriented Growth, Innovation-Driven” has always

accompanied and brought us much favor and acknowledgment from our new and old clients all around the world, which has paved smooth way to our

fast growing business.

       With registered capital of USD 3 millions, LFC has taken a stake and owns shares in several factories directly or indirectly with strong R&D capability

to meet increasing demands. Under growing competitive circumstance, we’re always focusing on researching and developing new applications for more

food additives, upgrading the manufacturing process, improving the product quality, which has enhanced our company’s general competitiveness

constantly and sustainable development.

       “Keeping pace with the world, pursuing development with our clients”, LFC will grow together with you!